Andy Ross - Cold Dead Hand

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The success of the first CD gave me the opportunity to get back in the studio and continue to make music. This time the style of music I wanted to make was clearer as I had started to find my sound. Sitting down with Porter Howell, songwriter and guitarist in Little Texas, and discussing the direction for my music was the first step. I would bring ideas to the table and he would help me craft the ideas into great songs. When the CD was almost complete I had one more idea. While watching the news one night and listening to this unbelievable garbage about gun control, I had the idea for “Cold Dead Hand.” I called Porter and told him my idea and we set a time to get together and write. My next call was to producer Doug Grau and I asked Doug if we could get back in to the studio to record one more. “Cold Dead Hand” became the title track for the CD and a new anthem for the 2nd Amendment.