It is my great pleasure to welcome you to my website.

I have been truly blessed to do some amazing things in my life and it appears there is no slowing down. I credit my chase of the American dream to my father Bud Ross, founder of Kustom Electronics – maker of the iconic Kustom tuck and roll amplifiers. I was taught from a young age that it’s ok to take chances and stick your neck out. Pursuing an idea and failing was better than not trying at all because you will learn so much in the pursuit. I was taught that you will strike out more than you will hit home runs, but keep swinging and like most impactful things in my life I put it in my song: “I AM MY FATHERS SON” (Time To Fight).

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Andy weaves his passions as a singer/songwriter, patriot, and self-defense advocate into the creation of America’s Patriotic Brand. American Rebel products are designed to give you the tools you need to defend and protect yourself, your family or even a room full of total strangers.