It is my great pleasure to introduce you to the

Concealed Carry product line from American Rebel.

Dimensions: 21.6” H 13.8” W 7.5” D

Our new American Rebel Patriot Backpack features the exclusive “Pistol Pocket” for easy and quick access to your handgun—when needed. A spacious front compartment for organizing all essential items like pens, glasses, smart phones, and other smaller equipment, complete with zippered meshed pockets. The larger main area boasts enough room for extra-large laptops as well as tablets, books, binders and plenty of file folders. The rear compartment can hold a 17” laptop and opens wide and flat for quick access. Soft fleece lined pockets for your tablet, glasses and accessories are also included.

Dimensions: 17.9” H 11.4” W 6.7” D

Our new American Rebel Freedom Backpack features the exclusive “Protection Pocket” for easy and quick access to your handgun—when needed. A unique design targeting consumers carrying today’s more compact electronics, computers, and tablets. The Freedom Pack is available in five different colors, including camo, and features our patent-pending Protection Pocket.

Our products are designed to give you the tools you need to defend and protect yourself, your family or even a room full of total strangers. The American Rebel Concealed Carry Backpacks feature our proprietary Protection Pocket for quick access to your hand gun plus a concealed compartment for extra magazines and other gun accessories.



A spacious front compartment complete with zippered meshed pockets perfect for chargers and everyday items.

A main compartment for your laptop, tablets, books, binders, files, folders and plenty of room for extra needed belongings. And of course the American Rebel protection pocket keeping you concealed and safe.

The Patriotic Pack is available direct to you from American Rebel

Saving you from retail markups and middleman charges.