It is my great pleasure to welcome you to my website.

I have been truly blessed to do some amazing things in my life and it appears there is no slowing down. I credit my chase of the American dream to my father Bud Ross, founder of Kustom Electronics – maker of the iconic Kustom tuck and roll amplifiers. I was taught from a young age that it’s ok to take chances and stick your neck out. Pursuing an idea and failing was better than not trying at all because you will learn so much in the pursuit. I was taught that you will strike out more than you will hit home runs, but keep swinging and like most impactful things in my life I put it in my song: “I AM MY FATHERS SON” (Time To Fight).

In 2005 I decided that I wanted to manufacture bows and Ross Archery was born. We became the fastest growing bow company in history. In the beginning when I tried to get TV personalities to shoot Ross Bows on their shows it was impossible, so I decided to film my own hunts and make a DVD. After the Outdoor Channel viewed my hunts the offer to make my own bowhunting TV show was on the table, Maximum Archery first aired in 2007. The success of the show was instant and I knew right away the industry needed a bowhunting anthem: “BLOOD TRAIL ON A WHITETAIL” (Cold Dead Hand). Not only did the song help promote the TV show but it brought attention to my music and set the stage for my new single “REBEL” (Cold Dead Hand)

You never know where good fortune comes from, sometimes hard work just pays off and some times it seems to fall in your lap, I call it a blessing. In 2013 the title track to the COLD DEAD HAND CD (Cold Dead Hand) took on a life of its own and opened new doors and opportunities for me I never dreamed of. The song was a big hit in the 2nd Amendment, Pro Constitution, Patriotic World. The song not only got Country radio attention but was also being played on conservative talk show radio and the requests for radio interviews was at an all-time high. “COLD DEAD HAND” inspired Danny The Count Koker AKA “The Count” to build me the 2nd Amendment Muscle Car on an episode of the History Channel’s hit show Counting Cars and further exploded the popularity of my music and made me a legit music artist.

My popularity and exposure in the gun world and my reputation as a patriot brought new and exciting opportunities to play and perform. The question I had to ask myself was how can I embrace and monetize this new gift. It wasn’t long before I landed on what I wanted to do and that was to once again chase the American Dream fueled by my passion for gun rights and the love of the greatest country in the world, The United States of America. I decided to design and bring to market a line of Concealed Carry Products to give people easy access to a hand gun while keeping them concealed and safe. For me there was only one name option for this new company, “AMERICAN REBEL” (Time To Fight) a patriotic anthem from my 3rd CD.

The American Rebel Concealed Carry line was officially introduced with great success at the 2017 NRA Convention in Atlanta GA. The company is setting itself up for tremendous success in this large and exploding market. American Rebel is in the process of becoming a publicly traded company in order to secure the necessary capital to take advantage of this apparent opportunity. At the same time as the company starts off on its path to success my music continues to grow in popularity and bring fans to the American Rebel Product Line. The release of the single “BACK ON THE BACKROADS” (Time To Fight), a duo with the multi-platinum artist Little Texas has become my most successful single to date. The new single “PLAYING IN THE MUD” (Time To Fight) is due out during the summer of 2017 and will be followed up by “I WROTE THIS ONE MYSELF” (Time To Fight) in the late fall 2017. It seems like these days my music continues to opens doors and bring great people into my life.

The songs “HEAVEN GOT A HELL-RAISER” and “BULLET FROM A GUN” (Time To Fight) and “YOU AIN’T SEEN CRAZY YET” (Cold Dead Hand) have led me into playing Patriot Biker Bars, Rallies and festivals allowing me to enjoy yet one more passion. I believe the reason my music opens up so many doors for me is because I write from the heart and put my soul on paper and into song, it is real Andy Ross Music.

As I continue to work hard and count my blessings I can’t help but wonder what’s around the next corner, what will the new American Rebel products be and what will my next album sound like… Oh and I think there is a book in there somewhere. I plan on burning patriotic fuel all over this great country and giving life one big kick in the ass. I want to thank you for taking the time to check out American Rebel Products, Andy Ross Music and whatever comes next.


Be Blessed


“Your talent is a gift from God and what you do with that talent is your gift back to God”